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American Society of Home Inspectors International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

  • Why do you need a Home Inspection in Montana?
    • You've selected a team of professionals: your Realtor, Appraiser and Mortgage Lenders.
  • Now select a Certified Home Inspector in Bozeman, Montana, to advise you of the condition of all the components of your property. The fee for the Home Inspection varies by square footage and other variables, but it is a very small part of your total purchase price. The Certified home inspection provides you with an invaluable insight into your investment. Complete your real estate transaction with a Certified Home Inspection from Bridger View Inspection.
  • Make an informed decision with a Certified Home Inspection
    • A Home Inspection is an independent evaluation of the components of a home based on serviceability, durability and a defined standards of practice. The inspector who does this evaluation is considered credible as he has no personal interest in the outcome of the report.
  • The code of ethics of the American Society of Home Inspectors will not allow an inspector to give estimates of repairs or do any repair work on the property they inspect.

Certified Home Inspector in Bozeman Montana
"Protect the largest investment of a Lifetime"


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